We are addicted to quality
and high performance
in both our own products
and delivering external projects.

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What we do.

Mobile App Development

Android and iOS Apps are the best way to get your client to interact with your product, feel your vision and appreciate your idea. Social Media, E-commerce or any other Startup you have in mind - just name it. We will deliver.

Mobile Games

We love are Unity based mobile games, with it’s simple ideas, simple message and overwhelming, beautiful design. We have more then enough experience in that field, just take a look at our portfolio. We can make one for you.

Advanced Web Services

We are fascinated by what one can achieve on the web. That is why, we are constantly developing and improving our teams and tools. We deliver basically everything concerning high quality websites, E-commerce or web applications.


Will remind you of messages scheduled to send in future. You'll never miss a word.


It's all about helping your friends decide by simply voting on one of the two pictures.


Linky is endless adventure that features intense gameplay with procedurally generated map and tons of logical puzzles.


You get to fly many different rockets in the lands of pastel colors and funny clouds. The goal is to fly though mint hoops.

Sticky Cube

The goal is to get as high as possible and not to get killed. Climb on the sides of the cubes using sticky power.


Time is money, so we’ve heard. With that simple software you will revolutionize the way the you manage your team’s time.


Create boards, add users and grant points to those of them who deserved it. Take it for a test drive, you gonna love it.

Addicted ones.

We are a creative, ambitious, professional, success driven team.

We all create a part of CodeAddict that’s shaping our Software House every day. Each of us have dreams and ideas, we put them together, brainstorm freely and come up with solutions that you may never dreamed about before.

Sebastian Goliński

CEO & Owner

Gianluca Lorenzo Acquasanta-Rassumowski

General Manager

Maciej Matuszewski

iOS Developer

Fabian Grześ

iOS Developer

Stanisław Kabaciński

Android Developer

Marcin Sroczyński

Android Developer

Norbert Leśny

Android Developer

Rafał Słomka

Android Developer

Michał Kmiecik

Android Developer

Piotr Maleszczuk

Game Developer

Mateusz Jankowski

Game Developer

Łukasz Raburski

Game Developer

Karol Słowiński

Game Developer

Marcel Mierzejewski

Game Developer

Tomasz Śledzinski

Game Developer

Krzysztof Jonczyk

Game Developer

Kuba Serafinowski

Project Manager

Jakub Pytlak

Project Manager

Damian Goliński

Project Manager

Kacper Grocholski

PHP Developer

Mikołaj Osowski

PHP Developer

Kristinka Klyap

PHP Developer

Wojciech Znaczko

PHP Developer

Jakub Kiliński

PHP Developer

Przemysław Kosiński

UI/UX Designer

Mateusz Burtowy

Software Tester

Przemysław Nowacki

Software Tester

Grzegorz Zawiślak

3D Graphic Designer

Patryk Napierała

3D Graphic Designer

Zuzanna Bulczyńska

Texture Designer

Rafał Ogonowski

Texture Designer

Full codeaddict experience.

We pride ourselves in taking
your project throughout
the whole process.

Leading, even less experienced customer, through a successful, effect driven, clear design and development of your product. Well established management and quality assessment teams make sure that you and your company will be set off with a hard-shell, mind blowing product that you came to us for. Whether you are a small, friends based startup or a huge corporation you are an individual client and we ensure our 100% involvement in working with you.

Tell us what you need and we will do more than meet your expectations.

Don't hesitate to ask.

Hi, I am Gianluca

I am here to help you. You can ask me anything you want. Are you nearby? We can arrange meeting in our office.

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