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What we do.

Mobile App Development

Did you know that Android and iOS Apps are the most efficient way for your client to interact with your product, experience your vision and embrace your ideas? We handle social media, E-commerce or any other start-up needs. Just name it - we will build it.

Mobile Games

You'll love our Unity-based mobile games. Our games are predicated on the concept of simplicity, combined with mind-blowing detail and overwhelming beautiful design.

Advanced Web Services

We are fascinated by what one can achieve on the web. We develop everything concerning high quality websites, E-commerce and web applications.


Timeateam answers one of the fundamental problems in work, school, and social networking. Given our fast-paced working world, it can be difficult to manage a common, synced schedule among managers and employees. Tracking individual attendance not only consumes enormous resources , but often leads to dysfunction in employer-employee, teacher-student, and parent-child relations. Timeateam eliminates the chaos of small and group meetings by providing a streamlined, accessible environment based on intuitive, user-friendly controls. With our simple and easy-to-use program, Timeateam will revolutionize the way you manage time in whatever you do in life.


With its addicting arcade-style gameplay, Linky challenges its users to navigate through a side-scrolling labyrinth of puzzles and dangerous obstacles. Earn rewards, collect coins, unlock new powers, and experience a world of endless adventure. Due to its inherit design, every game will feature a new, procedurally-generated series of puzzles ensuring you'll never have the same experience. How long can you survive?


Choose your rocket in this simple, intense game of endless flight. Fly through a colorful environment filled with danger and excitement.

Addicted ones.

We are a creative, ambitious, and success-driven team.

At Code Addict, our sole focus is meeting your project needs and goals. Our developers are eager, motivated, and highly experienced in all phases of production. You will receive an accurate estimate for your project completion, and we guarantee on-time and on-schedule delivery. Unlike many companies, we have over-lapping schedules and 24/7 working hours ensuring you will never have to wait for communication with our engineers.

When we say we are code addicted, we mean it.

Sebastian Goliński

CEO & Co-founder

Gianluca Lorenzo Acquasanta-Rassumowski

GM & Co-founder

Andrzej Marcinkowski


Kuba Serafinowski

CTO & Co-founder

Martyna Komorowska

HR Assistant

Michael Bennett

International Business Developer

Maciej Matuszewski

iOS Developer

Piotr Maleszczuk

iOS Developer

Marcel Mierzejewski

iOS Developer

Patryk Napierała

3D Graphic Designer

Mateusz Burtowy

Software Tester

Damian Goliński

Project Manager

Karol Słowiński

Game Developer

Marcin Sroczyński

Game Developer

Norbert Leśny

Game Developer

Jakub Kiliński

PHP Developer

Mikołaj Osowski

Software Architect

Przemysław Kosiński

UI/UX Designer

Full codeaddict experience.

We're ready for the challenges ahead.

Novice customer? Don't fret. We'll hold your hands through every phase of the project to a successful, effect-driven, clear-designed product. Experienced management and quality assessment teams ensure you will leave with more than what you asked for. Small start-up or major corporation, we are 100% involved with every client from start to finish.


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