Why you need business development

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Anxious about the language barrier? Don't fret!

Questions many clients have when considering contract development typically relates to potential language and cultural barriers. As a company based in Europe, we are accustomed to inquiries regarding our communication policies.…

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Listen, this will definitely hurt the feelings of hyper-controlling CEO's who painfully micromanage every element of their company, but it NEEDS to be said. We know the Facebooks, Twitters, Apples, and all the other MFers started off with a cool/hip founder who somehow managed to achieve a client base without a business development strategy.


When your product is novel or a better rip off of something else, the role of sales is less important. That's what movies are made out of it and it rarely translates to real life. For EVERYONE ELSE - yes YOU guy who manages a medium-size IT consulting firm in Austin that has enough funds for three months of payroll - business development is essential and could make the difference between developing a mass client base or going bankrupt and moving back in with your mother.


When it comes to managing resources and controlling costs, business development is often considered the least critical component of a developing company's corporate structure. But by investing in business development, you are adding time to individuals whose function is better served in their specialties. A CEO CEOs, a project manager project manages, an intern rubs your feet and babysits the dog, etc. The additional cost may be upsetting, but if you want to be a winner you gotta pay to play. Drop your personal salary bro and invest in your business.


And REMEMBER, BD is not some monolithic occupation but rather a continuum of sorts. You have to be real about your goals and circumstances. Once you have articulated a business model beyond "makin the $$$," you can better orient your business development strategy in a way that will most effectively enable you to achieve your goals whatever they may be.