Why Poland?

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Poland rightfully brags about its extraordinarily beautiful women, rich culture, and craft caliber cheap beer. But for the more measurable social metrics, the Central European country of 40 million people blows away its competitors beyond the high-fashion millennials and late-night kebabs. Perhaps unknown to the layman - but acknowledged by many leaders in the industry - Poland has emerged as one of the top sources of software development in the world. With strong ratings in both quality control and skill, the country continues to rise above the fray, currently ranked 5th in the world by TopCoder – ahead of the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. Perhaps we can thank the changes and Westernization of Polish workplace culture – attributed partially of globalization and EU integration - for the rapid growth in its software industry.


Many European and North American companies find that outsourcing helps control costs and provides much-needed assistance to their in-house developers. For companies with limited staff and resources, outsourcing development can also be useful in ensuring projects meet their deadlines. However, the downside of choosing to outsource traditionally centers around the lack of quality control and difficulties with reliable communication. Inferior results and aggravating interactions are not uncommon, and this has led to a growing stigma in the overall outsourcing industry. Studies have consistently shown Polish software development is on par with US, British, and other Western businesses, and they can offer prices that are highly competitive with strong quality control and consistent, reliable communication.


Polish companies are more effectively able to communicate with clients due to their language abilities, as well as cultural similarities with the US, UK, and Western Europe. Virtually all software companies based in the country require English as a core requirement for employment, and Poland ranks highly in spoken and written English. For corporations and individual retailers looking to experiment with outsourcing or recruit new vendors, Poland is full of opportunities and prime for business partnerships.