Mighty Startup Bundle


We'll consult on
your business model.

We will help you polish, perfect and optimise your business model with tips on monetisation methods, costs structure, team roles and many more.


We'll consult on
and design your pitch deck.

We will help you collect and showcase all your business's value points in a beautiful, investor-friendly pitch deck.


We'll design a few screens as your app's showcase.

We'll work with you to design 3-5 beautiful screens for your app to populate all pitch-related materials and help convey your vision to investors and early adopters.


We'll design and develop your landing page.

Even on an early stage a beautiful landing page brings a level of assurance many investors and partners require to recognise and validate your existence. It's also a must-have gateway for your . early adopters and all future users.


We'll share your pitch with our group of over 500 investors.

Over the years we've worked with and assisted many VCs and Angel Investors. We're happy to share your perfected concept with our trusted group and open a path to your successful fundraising round.


Chat with us and share your project details

Let's talk

From high-level concepts to detailed spec lists, we want to know anything and everything about your project. Drop us a line at or use the form below.