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Websites & Web Apps.

Social Media Platforms, SaaS Products, FinTech Solutions you name it. We have worked through enough kick-offs and deployments to know how to deliver a successful web-based product. We would be delighted to join forces with you and your team and design and develop the next big thing that everyone talks about.

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LÜK Network

LUK's web app enables users to search hassle-free for models, photographers, stylists, and hair & makeup artists.

Orka Films

Orka Film's web app will tell everything you need to know about one of Poland's leading post-production film studios.

Doctor Gadget

For toilet phones, damaged screens, and all things broken (except for hearts), you can count on Doctor Gadget.


Mobile Development.

Our specializations in mobile development include iOS native apps in Swift, Android native apps, and non-native projects in Reactive Native. Clear design and intuitive UI/UX are fundamental for us. Our young mobile teams love embracing new technologies and is always eager and prepared to face new challenges.

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Unity, ARKit

Mobile Games.

Unity Unity Unity. We can't get enough it. We have designed and delivered dozens of mobile games over the past few years. All of our in-house designs are always aiming to blend the simplest ideas with clean graphics and intuitive controls. Take a peek at our portfolio for more examples.

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Prepare yourself for Rockair and experience an intense game of endless flight. Available for iOS.


Do you like balls? How about colors? Take a chance with Colorb, it might just change your life.

Lumb Jump

Who doesn't like to jump around? Take a few minutes out of your day with our arcade-style platformer. Available for iOS and Android.


Product Design.

UX/UI design, as one could guess, is about all the user and how to make the product we're building as accessible and straightforward as possible. Delivering a flawless user experience is not an easy job, that's why design is one of the most important phases of each project. With experience we learned that it's better to spend three times the time on design than to enter development stage with a poorly thought-through interface. Keep that in mind while starting a fresh product.

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Half-baked thoughts from the office, our blog is a little peak into the collective minds at Code Addict.


Our Philosophy

A problem faced by many software development companies is how to translate and implement a prospective client's project from concept to a real, tangible design. After working on countless project…

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The Design Sprint

This article is a quick introduction to our process in how we approach product design. For your convenience, we have simplified the brainstorming process for complicated projects with these four…

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