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Project's milestones

Phase one


For, the client wanted an intuitive, easy-to-use application with e-commerce capabilities. We proposed a more novel approach to their project. At the time, Apple had just released their AR-Kit allowing for seamless integration of AR-functionalities. It immediately became clear AR would be the perfect solution as it would allow users to evaluate simulated products in their physical environment.

Users would have the option to visualise – in real time – simulated furniture in their home. For the sales tool, we went with Woo-Commerce as it was most compatible with the clients original design and project specifications.

Phase Two


We had to figure out a way to display products in the application without having to render models from actual photos of each individual object. Although this is one approach, the economics didn’t make sense for us or the client. To create a database of products, we designed and animated approximately 450 individual models taken from furniture catalog.

Rendering the models was the most time-consuming process, with some objects requiring up to 10 hours to fully ender. 
However, the AR kits simplified the whole design process, most importantly by eliminating the need for markers.

Phase Three


Since the ARKit had just been released, we weren’t entirely versed in the technology. Though confident in our capabilities, the development process was no doubt a learning experience for our team. After compiling the database of 3D models and incorporating the e-commerce functionality, we set about the optimization process and interface design. With user-friendliness in mind, the ARKit was beyond perfect for the project requirements.

Throughout the whole dev phase, we were extremely focused on quality control and allocated double the time we typically spend on code review (at no charge to the client).As usual with new tech, it took more than 15 Test-Flight versions before we deployed the project to App Store. See for yourself and enjoy’s furniture’s designs in any personal space.

Tech solutions

These are tech solutions used to develop App


  • Cinema 4D
  • MarvelApp
  • Principle
  • Sketch


  • AR Kit
  • Swift
  • WooCommerce

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