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Web Dev

Code Addict's full stack team delivers the goods when it comes to web-based development. Our tech runs the gamut, just look for yourself. For a project unique to your current needs don't hesitate to contact us directly.

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With our simple and easy-to-use program, Timeateam will revolutionize the way you manage time in whatever you do in life.


Forget Amazon. Browse and shop Noo.ma for luxury furniture and home accessories.

Voelkel Corp

Tired of IKEA? Then check out Voelkel Corp for all your furniture needs.

LÜK Network

LUK's web app enables users to search hassle-free for models, photographers, stylists, and hair & makeup artists.

Orka Films

Orka Film's web app will tell everything you need to know about one of Poland's leading post-production film studios.

Doctor Gadget

For toilet phones, damaged screens, and all things broken (except for hearts), you can count on Doctor Gadget.



From games, web-apps, and everything else on a mobile device - we can do it. Browse through our broad and diverse portfolio to find the technology most suitable for your current needs. For something specific and not shown here, send us a message and we'll find something in our project bank.

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InPost Concept App

InPost is kind of like the UPS of Poland. We came up with a solution to streamline their mobile delivery service.



Unity is life! We live and breath mobile games and Unity makes it all happen. Before graduating to other advanced web services, mobile games were the first projects we worked on. Take a peak at some of our more popular games below.

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The game that will change your life. Build bases and collect coins with the jumping ball. Simple and easy!

Funny Bunny

Sweet, colorful, and crazy, Funny Bunny is a game for all-ages. Enjoy the beautiful world with pastel colors full of funny animations. Available for iOS.


Think you got skills? Test yourself with Docked! You might just fall in love.


Linky challenges its users to navigate through a side-scrolling labyrinth of puzzles and dangerous obstacles. Earn rewards and experience a world of adventure!


Prepare yourself for Rockair and experience an intense game of endless flight. Available for iOS.


Do you like balls? How about colors? Take a chance with Colorb, it might just change your life.

Lumb Jump

Who doesn't like to jump around? Take a few minutes out of your day with our arcade-style platformer. Available for iOS and Android.


Half-baked thoughts from the office, our blog is a little peak into the collective minds at Code Addict.


Why you need business development

Listen, this will definitely hurt the feelings of hyper-controlling CEO's who painfully micromanage every element of their company, but it NEEDS to be said. We know the Facebooks, Twitters, Apples,…

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Anxious about the language barrier? Don't fret!

Questions many clients have when considering contract development typically relates to potential language and cultural barriers. As a company based in Europe, we are accustomed to inquiries regarding our communication…

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Our Philosophy

A problem faced by many software development companies is how to translate and implement a prospective client's project from concept to a real, tangible design. After working on countless project…

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