It is an easy-to-use, intuitive app allowing users to browse and shop organic milk with a press of the button! Buyers select their milk of choice, scan the QR code at the designated vending machines, and collect their bottles!

The app also has the added features of viewing purchase history to allow for quick ordering, as well as browsing and purchasing varied plans with a set number of bottles.

The Challenges

For the client, it was essential the application was developed expediently and according to the established scope.

Within the fixed delivery timeline, we implemented all requested features and even more advanced animations to compliment the UI/UX design.

Design process

Design was focused primarily on user-experience. The app needed to remain simple in functionality to maintain the brand's broad appeal and reputation for convenience. Thus, from the purchase of the product to its final collection, everything had to be designed in a way that would ensure a smooth, seamless experience amenable to all potential users.


Following the completion of the prototype, the development team began intensive work on front and back-end implementation and programming.

The Result

After an efficient and timely project development cycle, the prototype was shared with the client for approval. After minor change requests, the application was published on the App Store. Today, thousands of users in Canada can purchase and enjoy the taste of organic milk!