Anxious about the language barrier? Don’t fret!

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Questions many clients have when considering contract development typically relates to potential language and cultural barriers. As a company based in Europe, we are accustomed to inquiries regarding our communication policies. Fortunately, everyone at Code Addict speaks at a native or near-native level of English.


Because most Polish people do not interact with English language speakers on a regular basis, we hold workshops in-office to make sure everyone here doesn't lose their language abilities. Our workshops are designed to not only help maintain our employee's understanding of English but also immerse themselves in the nuances and colloquialisms unique to native English-speaking countries. Our team travels frequently to California, UK, and Northern Europe to meet with active and prospective clients. Thus it is important for us and future of our business that everyone is adjusted to the hosts country's language.


If you are considering Code Addict as a vendor, partner, or Facebook friend, you won't have to worry about miscommunication. We also have team members with a native level understanding of Spanish, Italian, Pig Latin, Dothraki, and Australian.